2019 VOTES

2019 Votes (app)

Indian constitution provided its citizens the Right to Vote, the ultimate power to choose the direction of country's future and its leaders. To vote is not just the Right, but the social Responsibility.

Citizens have the freedom to express - who do they vote / support and motivate others.

This freedom of expression goes into Opinion poll surveys, which are mostly Complicated / Biased / Selected / Limited samples with clear Outline results.

Do you want a Simple / Un-biased / Open / Large samples with detailed segment-wise real-time results ?

Install VOTES (2019 VOTES) android app ..for the upcoming Assembly and Parliament elections 2019 in India.

2019 Votes (app)


We advise voters to think rationally and choose right party and candidate instead of falling into the bags of Religion votes, Caste votes, Money votes, etc.